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About color sensation of Japanese
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The color sense of Japan is different from other countries.
This is due to cultural differences.

In Japan, what is called PCCS is used.

It has a different way of thinking is the Munsell and Ostwald.

▶What is PCCS?

PCCS stand for "Practical Color Co-ordinate System."

Japan Color Research Institute developed PCCS.

PCCS is hue tone system.
This system is easy to think color harmony.

Hue constitute 24 colors.
To decide this 24 colors, first put psychological four primary colors. Psychological four primary colors are red, yellow, green and blue.Next, put psychological complementary color. Psychological complementary color are yellowish orange, blue green, violet and red purple. And put 4 colors between these 8 colors. At last put 12 colors.This completes 24 colors.

▶How to display colors

Hue symbol Hue name
●1:pR purplish red
●2:R red
●3:yR yellowish red
●4:rO reddish orange
●5:O orange
●6:yO yellowish orange
●7:rY reddish yellow
●8:Y yellow
●9:gY greenish yellow
●10:YG yellow green
●11:yG yellowish green
●12:G green
●13:bG bluish green
●14:BG blue green
●15:BG blue green
●16:gB greenish blue
●17:B blue
●18:B blue
●19:pB purplish blue
●20:V violet
●21:bP purplish blue
●22:P purple
●23:rP reddish purple
●24:RP red purple

▶Express Color name by word

We express color in our life when we express by individual color name attached to that color.
This is called "specific color name."

It is taken from the name, such as food, flowers, and animals.

For example, Chocolate color is taken from food.
Cherry color is Japanese flower.

Among them, things commonly used on a daily basis are called "idiomatic color names." 122 colors are selected as foreign color names and 147 colors are Japanese color names.

However, idiomatic color names have not all color.

We hear black when we remember dark, night, crow, and heavy. Moreover we will think emotion that like death and anxiety. Color has many image. But this image may change in culture or individual.

For example, Japanese will think apple is red but American think it is green.
Even though there is "apple green" in the color name, there is no "apple red".

▶Japan Color History

Japan has color culture.
Umayadoou decide low that "Kanijyunikai".He set the color of the crown by our social position. The person of highest status was a purple crown. Therefore purple has image that it is sense of quality.

In Europe avoided color mixing but Japan important it.
Japan is an usual country compared to the world.

Also, Japanese have a lot of "plant dyes". Because, we don't get bright color in Edo period and we think beautiful color are dull color (like a mouse).

We dyed repeatedly with plant dyes to make a dull color.

▶Have Special Color Sense

Japanese color sense is feelings and connecting four seasons and nature.

They feel that dull and bright color are also beautiful. Japanese has rare color sense in the world.

Japan has Color Tests.
It is held in 1990 at the first time. From 1st grade to 3rd grade, and you can take it from anywhere.
It held summer and winter but, 1st grade is only winter. If you want to take this test, you should be careful about the seasons.
I recommend it because you said that you have a good taste in clothes and furniture by acquiring this knowledge. It is very helpful your lifestyle. If you interested in this tests, I want you to challenge.